CHORDN Electric

About chordn electric

Focus on our history
Chordn Srl has a very long history of
pioneering innovative products and
service. Our company was established
in 1963. From the very beginning,
chordn has defined itself a company
of innovation and service. Its service
and innovativeness were first
revealed when chordn started to
research and manufacture industrial
parts to serve the engineering needs
of industrial, medical and military
industries. Such pioneering step
promoted the smooth development
of industrial, medical and military
industries, and also triggered a new
engineering innovation of chordn -
temperature control system.

Industrial process is inseparable from
temperature control. The Precision of
temperature control and the selection of
control methods for different control
objects are very important. Therefore,
chordn set up its electric division in 1970
and introduced a group of advanced
technologists to be engaged in the study
of temperature control system and
released perfect temperature control
solution, for example, a temperature
control system composed by controllers
and solid state relays. The launch of
temperature controllers and solid state
relays satisfied the production demand
and improved the productivity of various
industries. At the same time, influence of
our brand “CHORDN” has been gradually
strengthening. Chordn becomes a
specialist in temperature controllers.

We continuously improve our production
capacity and product performance, and
have accumulated a wealth of
experience. We always serve engineering
needs of customers and industries.
In 1979, we invented the first small
fast-acting protective fuses to prevent
test instruments from burning out. From
that groundbreaking first step, chordn
has continuously defined the standards
of circuit protection industry and
committed to provide the best circuit
protection solution. Chordn has reached
out to world, recognized by industries
group around the world.

People and technology
As a manufac turer with a long history, we have skilled and professional R&D teams to research and design, we have our own production center control manufacture, we have inspection department with strict quality standard control quality, we have excellent marketing teams expand market and we have knowledgeable after-sale teams provide after-sale technical support and service. All these guarantee the quality of chordn’s products and contribute the success of chordn, chordn becomes a pioneering leader in temperature controllers, solid state relays, power production products and process control instruments.

Focus on business
Electrification, automation are the long-term growth fields of chordn. In order to make full use of the market potential of these fields, chordn electric are structured into seven strategic divisions: temperature controllers, power protection products, solid state relays, process control instruments, electric instruments, HMI and transformers.
Chordn electirc always keeps its commitment when it makes rapid achievement - providing customers with high quality products and good services according to their requirements.

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